Skin cancer self referral service

Helping to put you in control

PHC’s cancer support focusses on three key areas:

Prevention: by supporting healthy living

Early diagnosis and treatment: by providing clinically-led cover

Support: offering individual support for members suffering from cancer


We want to help everyone to stay skin safe and help reduce the chances of being diagnosed with skin cancer.

The good news is, there are preventative steps we can all take in our day to day lives to do just that. So, to help fuel you with the right knowhow we’ve pulled together some bitesize articles.

Understanding the causes and risks

Sun damage risks and protecting yourself


It is widely documented that early diagnosis of cancer improves the chances of successful treatment*. We also know that for many, the age old saying ‘you know your body better than anyone else’ rings true, when something doesn’t look or feel right. So, we’ve teamed up with Check4Cancer, a provider of screening and diagnostic cancer services, to help put you in control.

*NHS ‘Regularly checking your skin for signs of skin cancer can help lead to an early diagnosis and increase your chance of successful treatment.’
Cancer Research ‘Finding and treating cancer at an early stage can save lives.’

As a PHC member you'll benefit from:


Direct access to the service

With no need for a GP referral, members simply contact PHC claims helpline if concerned

Appointment calendar

Our appointment booking service

An appointment being arranged, on your behalf, at a nearby clinic within five working days

professional doctor icon

Specialist support

Seeing a dermatology nurse specialist who will take and upload digital dermoscopic imagery

Person at PC

An expert review

A remote review of the images by a consultant

care icon


The reassurance that the service is delivered by cancer screening provider Check4Cancer and that you'll recieve an outcome within five working days

We have created a short introductory video about the service for you.

Call us

To access the skin cancer self referral service call the claims helpline on 0800 068 7111


Deciding which treatment you need

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, your specialist will determine the best treatment and care for you. Your treatment is likely to depend on:

- the type of skin cancer

- how far it's grown or spread

- where the cancer is

- the stage of the cancer (if relevant)

Your specialist will discuss your treatment options, their benefits and the possible side effects with you.


A cancer diagnosis, and even the prospect of one, can be an extremely stressful and worrying time for you and your loved ones.

You can therefore take comfort in knowing we have dedicated cancer nurses, available to you, via the phone, to provide support from day one.

Dedicated Cancer Nurses

If you’re diagnosed with cancer we can put you in touch with our Dedicated Nurse Service because we know that a swift diagnosis and prompt treatment access must go hand in hand with genuine help, support and understanding from people who truly care.

Every one of our friendly nurses understands what a diagnosis like this means. You might take comfort in discussing your symptoms or talking through how to break the news to the people you care about.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it, one of the dedicated nurses is waiting to talk.