For your business


What we can offer you

Company healthcare cover is designed to give your company reassurance – it offers company members quick access to eligible health treatment; from seeing a specialist for diagnosis to receiving the appropriate care during a stay in hospital. These, plus flexible appointment times and a large choice of private hospitals are just some of the benefits that your company members can utilise through having private healthcare cover. Helping to keep them in work and health so your business can achieve more. Plus, members will have access to a wealth of additional health and wellbeing services to help them live life well.


How we work with you

At PHC we really care about our clients and their company members’ health. That’s why we work with you to understand your specific requirements, so we can provide a tailored and flexible private healthcare solution that reflects you and your company members' wants and needs.

Whether you are looking to build an employee health and wellbeing package from scratch to show you care, enrich an existing one to help attract and retain top talent or you’re seeking to offer something slightly different, we can help.

Plus, we’re constantly reviewing the healthcare market and advancing our products and services to ensure we provide the healthcare solutions needed for today and tomorrow.

So, you can be sure that when choosing PHC, your company and its members have a customer driven, collaborative and innovative partner in healthcare.

PHC is also part of the award-winning AXA Group, meaning you get all the financial strength, security and expertise you can expect from a big name.

Why us?

Quality cover

We see little point in offering a healthcare plan that doesn't truly help in a member's time of need. We also know that everyone's needs slightly vary, so we've created four plans, with a few extra options that vary in degree of comprehensiveness.

All so you can find a quality of cover that suits you.

Complex case support

Don't quite have a conventional business set-up or want something slightly different? No problem. PHC is experienced in dealing with complex cases and well-practiced in delivering tailored healthcare solutions.

Health cover expertise

With 30 years experience as a health cover specialist, combined with being owned by a leading healthcare insurer, AXA Health, you can take comfort in knowing you're working with experts.

A service we're proud of

We put a lot in, so you get a lot out. It's this mentality which we believe makes PHC's service first class.

More than PMI

Your members get so much more than PMI. Our mission is to help all our members live life well and it's this which drives us to continually introduce new products and services that enhance their lives and general wellbeing.

A partner in healthcare

Our close working relationship and provision of tailored and flexible private healthcare plans means you get more than just an insurer. You'll have a partner in healthcare.