Second Opinion Service

When it comes to supporting our members, there are little things we can do that mean a lot like our Second Opinion Service.

As a PHC member, you can access over 37,000 specialists and practitioners who are experts in their fields. We cover over 250 hospitals around the country so you can choose what’s best for you – a hospital from our Directory of Hospitals close to your home or work, and an expert who suits your healthcare needs.

Sometimes another opinion can be invaluable. It could be the difference between you having the confidence to make the right decision for your recovery, and going ahead with treatment you aren’t comfortable with. That's why we offer our Second Opinion Service, giving you peace of mind and reassurance when you most need it.

Our Second Opinion Service is designed to make sure you're completely confident with your specialist’s recommendations. The service is available on appointments that would be covered by your plan and we’ll pay for all eligible related costs involved such as the first appointment with the new specialist and any new tests.