Private hospital availability

If you have a health concern and you’ve put off diagnosis or treatment, please don’t delay any longer. 

Contact us today, so we can help you keep your health on track.

Have we already agreed to fund your treatment?
  • If your consultation or treatment was cancelled, or you weren't able to book anything before the coronavirus outbreak, contact your specialist or private facility to find out when your treatment can be rescheduled.
  • Private hospitals are now accepting new referrals but there still might be some disruption to when and where private services are delivered.
  • If your specialist or hospital is not yet available, use our Clinical Support Centre. We can arrange remote video or phone appointments with healthcare professionals. They’ll help you manage your health until you are able to reschedule your appointment.
  • There’s no need to call us. We won't need to pre-authorise this treatment again provided you still have the same level of cover in place.

Do you think you may need treatment?
  • Speak to your GP about your concern and, if they suggest you see a specialist, ask for an ‘open referral’. If you’re having trouble seeing your own GP, don’t forget you can use our online GP service, Doctor@Hand.
  • Call us on 0800 068 7111 to check your cover and whether we’re able to fund your treatment.
  • Private hospitals are now accepting new referrals but there still might be some disruption to when and where private services are delivered.
  • If we can’t arrange for you to see someone face to face, we’ll arrange a remote video or phone appointment with a suitable specialist through our Clinical Support Centre
  • Once your private treatment has been authorised, you can have it as soon as it becomes available, as long as you’re still a member and maintain your cover.

Preparing for your hospital visit

You may need to be tested for the coronavirus when you go into hospital, depending on the type of treatment you’re having and where you are being treated. The private facility you’re going to will be able to tell you how it will be administered and what to do when you receive the results. 

If the private facility decides that you need to be tested for the coronavirus before they can treat you, we’ll pay for your tests.

If you or anyone you live with displays symptoms of the coronavirus, you should let the hospital know and visit NHS 111 online for information and guidance.

Worried about your hospital visit?

Don’t be. Private facilities routinely admit a smaller number of patients so it’s easier to maintain excellent standards of infection control. 

Each facility we work with in our network also has extra measures in place to combat the coronavirus, in accordance with clinical governance and best practice issued by Public Health England and Government Medical Advisers.  

These safety measures may include:

  • a period of self-isolation before you can be admitted for certain procedures
  • testing patients before planned procedures to ensure they are not carrying the coronavirus
  • following national and international best practice on adjusted operating-theatre and anaesthetic protocols

Watch the videos and take a look at the measures put in place by the private facilities in our network to keep you safe during your visit. Click on the links to find out more

For more reassurance

Take a look at our ‘Answering your questions’ section. Or give us a call.