Leaving your group arrangement

Whatever your reason for leaving your employer, it’s important to think about your healthcare cover continuation. 

That’s why, as soon as you know you are leaving your group arrangement, it’s quick and easy to transfer to a personal plan with our underwriter AXA PPP healthcare Limited (AXA Health). When you transfer to a personal plan with similar cover, AXA Health can usually continue to cover any existing medical conditions without the need for medical underwriting – so you won’t have to fill in any forms or have a medical examination. 

Call AXA Health on 0800 533 5962 as soon as you know you’re leaving as you may find it difficult to get continued cover for any existing or previous medical conditions later. Their highly trained agents can run through your options and make sure your new plan starts from the day you leave. That way, there will be no break in cover. This is especially important if you or any of your loved ones covered are currently using your company health benefits to pay for any ongoing diagnosis or treatment. AXA Health’s dedicated agents will give you a quotation for setting up your new plan. They can help you find the best option for both your health needs and your budget.

Overage Dependants – Continued Cover Options

What happens when your children grow up and they’re no longer eligible for cover on the group scheme?

Through our underwriter AXA PPP healthcare Limited, they can offer special terms for adult children who are no longer eligible to be part of the group scheme. For a limited period, they can take out an individual plan without further medical underwriting, so they can continue to be covered for an existing condition (subject to the terms and condition of the new plan).

Everything you need to know to continue healthcare cover for them is covered in the flyer below.