Improving access to care

Your reasons for taking out corporate private medical insurance may be numerous. However, a common reason is to assist those you want to cover in accessing prompt diagnosis and treatment at a time that is convenient for them and the company so they can be back to full health and work quickly and hassle-free.

At PHC we want to help you do just that, in a way that is as quick as possible with minimal fuss and obstacles.

Our clinical pathways provide members with options to accelerate access to treatment and better health, allowing you to keep things moving.

Working Body Service

Keeping members moving

PHC members no longer need to put up with muscle, bone and joint pain. With Working Body, you and your members can talk to a physiotherapist over the phone without a GP referral. They’ll assess the symptoms, talk about what they could mean, and help plan what to do next.

Your company needn't stand still with Working Body.

 Save company time

  • Speak directly to an experienced physiotherapist without seeing a GP first
  • Hassle-free phone consultations without leaving work
  • Convenient phone appointments, including Saturdays
  • Early intervention - treatment organised for members to help them back to health
  • Follow-up support

Please note: The Working Body service is available to PHC members aged 18 and over only.

Stronger Minds Service

A quick and simpler journey to mental health treatment and support

Mental illness is often one of the most challenging health issues for companies and for the sufferer it can be as debilitating as many chronic physical conditions.

That’s why for more serious mental health concerns we offer a quick and simpler journey to mental health treatment and support, without the need to see a GP, via our Stronger Minds service.

Stronger Minds provides your company members with fast, direct and confidential access to mental health care and support.

  • Quick access: make only one call to start receiving the help and support needed 
  • Professional advice: A counsellor or psychologist will listen to their concerns and suggest a treatment plan that is clinically appropriate for them
  • Options: Treatment could be telephone, email or face to face counselling, a psychiatrist or psychologist consultation or simply providing some self-help advice

Please note: The Stronger Minds service is available to PHC members aged 18 and over only.

Fast Track Appointments Service

Directing members to the right specialist at the right time and place

Being referred to see a specialist can be a stressful time in a person’s life and waiting to find out who you’ll see and when can amass to additional worrying.

So, to help your company members access the treatment they deserve quickly and with minimal hassle we have our own Fast Track Appointments service. Once your member receives a referral from their GP they can simply call PHC and our Fast Track Appointments service will help them by sourcing a suitable and recognised specialist alongside booking a convenient private appointment for them.

Our Fast Track Appointment service helps speed up their access to see a fee-approved specialist that fits around working hours and in a location that suits.

Your company will benefit from knowing it’s taken good care of its members and has helped them to get back to health and work as quickly as possible.

On average, members who use our Fast Track Appointments service are seen twice as quickly.*

*Compared with members whose GPs have referred them to a named private specialist (2018 Fast Track Appointments service data, recorded from the date the member called our Personal Advisory team).