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PHC member area

Counselling and Support Service

Sometimes daily life can seem full of challenges.

So it’s reassuring to know you’ve got somewhere to turn when you need reliable information or support, and someone to talk to when things don’t run as smoothly as you’d like.

As a corporate PHC member you and your family have access to a comprehensive counselling and support service provided by AXA ICAS Limited.

If you are feeling upset, worried, anxious or stressed or have a medical concern, qualified counsellors are on hand to support you. They will help you to explore and understand your issues and provide remedial guidance and action which could include self-help or face-to-face counselling where clinically appropriate.

Additionally, the service also provides expert guidance on everyday matters such as legal and financial concerns, relationship issues and consumer rights.



Personal Support

Direct, confidential and unlimited 24 hour access to qualified counsellors who can provide clinical support and guidance or just an ear to listen to.

Face-to-face counselling

Up to five face-to-face sessions with all complex cases assessed and directed by fully trained psychologists, where clinically appropriate.

Counselling via email

e-counselling allowing you to access counselling discretely and confidentially at a time and place that suits you.

LifeManagement™ support 

Access to support and guidance on a range of everyday matters, such as financial, legal, consumer, housing issues and family care such as childcare, eldercare and disability issues.

Online portal

A wealth of up-to-date tools, information, guidance and accessible support online 24/7.


It is a completely confidential and impartial service and you can call it as often as you need to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To speak to someone please call 0800 316 1213 

To access the online portal please refer to page 43 in your Company HealthCover4life Handbook.