Fast Track

Directing you to the right specialist at the right time and place

Being referred to see a specialist can be a stressful time in a person’s life and waiting to find out who you’ll see and when can amass to additional worrying.

So, to help you access the treatment you deserve quickly and with minimal hassle we have our own Fast Track Appointments service. Once you receive a referral from your GP simply call PHC and our Fast Track Appointments service will help you by sourcing a suitable and recognised specialist.

They’ll get back to you with either full details of your appointment that fits around working hours and in a location that suits or with the details of up to three fee-approved specialists in your required area.

We can’t take all your worry away, but we can remove the stress of waiting for an appointment date and time.


On average, members who use our Fast Track Appointments service are seen twice as quickly.*

*Compared with members whose GPs have referred them to a named private specialist (2018 Fast Track Appointments service data, recorded from the date the member called our Personal Advisory team).


Please click here to download your Fast Track Appointment Service guide.